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Tony’s musical career began when he moved from his hometown of Bristol to London after answering an advert in a music magazine for an early lineup of the group, IRON MAIDEN, where he took on the role of keyboard/synth player. The band were unknown at that point and Tony worked and rehearsed with them for some time until, after playing their first live show together, he felt keyboards didn’t really work in the band and decided to leave.

My Journal

“Tony Moore is a lifelong musician with an eclectic career that includes playing with Iron Maiden in the early days, being keyboard player in Cutting Crew (I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight) in the 80’s as well as releasing and performing his own music to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

The list of musical “Standards” he has played over the decades has been extensive but out of them very few songs can be thought of as timeless classics and of those, there is really only one that can be said to have become an iconic part of all our cultures….”

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